Chapter 86 – Lazy Friday

July 18, 2009
Hello everyone! We’re back with a special “Summer” edition of the 10th Wonder podcast! With Comic Con rapidly approaching next week, we knew we just couldn’t wait any longer. So we got the band back together and fired up our webcams for a special live recording of the 10th Wonder on Ustream today. This isn’t your typical 10th Wonder episode, but we hope you’ll enjoy it nonetheless! Programming Note: An error with our recording software meant that we had to salvage some of the audio from this episode from Ustream’s lower quality recording.

Chapter 85 – “An Invisible Thread”

April 28, 2009
Thanks for the patience this week. Here it is, our podcast for the finale episode of Heroes “An Invisible Thread.” We got the sense through our e-mails and tweets this week that this episode was a polarizing one. Some Heroes fans loved it, others thought it was weak for a season finale. Regardless, lots of huge things happened in the episode and we’re here to dissect how the events of this Season finale episode will affect the next volume of Heroes. Enjoy!

Chapter 84 – “I Am Sylar”

April 21, 2009
Only one more episode left this season! We’re anxiously awaiting the Heroes Season Finale coming up on April 27th. This week, we discuss the episode “I Am Sylar” and all of the fan theories surrounding it. We’ve also got lots of news this week ranging from the new Heroes score soundtrack hitting stores, to the Season 3 DVD Pre-orders on Enjoy!

Chapter 83 – “1961″

April 14, 2009
We are back this week with another packed podcast full of news and discussion following the latest Heroes episode “1961″ which was a look back into the past that revealed how and why the company we’ve come to know and love (or loathe) was formed in the first place. We also saw a reunion of the Petrelli family, as it were, as they prepare for what they will have to do to finally begin living normal lives again. Will a new company be formed? What will they do about Sylar? Lots of great discussion this week. Enjoy!

Chapter 82 – “Turn and Face the Strange”

April 10, 2009
Here it is, our podcast for “Turn and Face the Strange,” an emotional roller-coaster of an episode that revealed a lot about our characters and where the future seems to be taking them. Inside this week’s podcast is a hefty amount of discussion and speculation about the mysterious “Coyote Sands” facility, as well as lots of other theories brought up by fans this week. Enjoy!

Chapter 81 – “Into Asylum”

April 3, 2009
We are back this week to discuss last Monday’s Heroes episode “Into Asylum” a very character-centric episode that packed a punch and began to move Fugitives towards the inevitable season finale. Nathan and Claire mended their relationship, Angela had a new vision, and Sylar and the Hunter are now working together. This week we talk about all of the latest theories and fan discussions as we near the end of Season 3 of heroes! Enjoy!

Chapter 80 – “Cold Snap”

March 24, 2009
In this week’s podcast we have the pleasure of discussing what many Heroes fans are calling one of the best episodes so far this Season: Cold Snap, the much anticipated writing return of Company Man writer Bryan Fuller. We’ve packed in as much discussion and news about the topics you wanted to hear including a new section that we affectionately dub “Twitter-rama.” Enjoy!

Chapter 79 – “Shades of Gray”

March 15, 2009
Thanks for waiting up for us! We’re back with our latest podcast covering last monday’s Heroes episode, “Shades of Gray.” Unfortunately Derek came down with strep throat this weekend (get well soon!) so in his absence I’ve invited Joe Hummrich, our awesome news editor, to come on the podcast. This week we have tons of great news and more discussion about the upcoming episodes of Heroes. Enjoy!

Chapter 78 – “Exposed”

March 4, 2009
Suprise! An Early 10th Wonder for everyone. We recorded the show early this week due to some travel plans. Though, we are working to have the show out on Wednesday from now on as often as possible. This week we talk about “Exposed” and all of the fan theories that are floating around after the episode. Lots of news and discussion packed in this week so sit back and Enjoy!

Chapter 77 – “Cold Wars”

March 1, 2009
This week we discuss Cold Wars last Monday’s Heroes episode which took us into the past to find out how Noah became involved, what Nathan’s original plans for the operation were, and just how much danger the nation and the world may be in of something isn’t done. Steve Glosson joins me again this week. Lots of news and discussion this week. Enjoy!