Chapter 96 – “Shadowboxing”

November 14, 2009
In this week’s podcast Joe and I talk about “Shadowboxing” a deceptively strong episode that featured lots of great twists and turns and ended with Matt Parkman making a huge sacrifice to rid the world of Sylar. We’ve got lots of new theories and questions to cover this week, as well as a bone to […]

Chapter 95 – “Once Upon a Time in Texas”

November 6, 2009
This week’s Heroes episode took us all the way back to Midland, Texas moments before Charlie Andrews was killed by Sylar, known only to us then as the Brain Man, a shadowy figure who was hunting down and killing people with special abilities. Hiro’s quest to “Save Charlie” took a few surprising twists and turns and Joe and I talk about what we can expect to see going forward, as well as our impressions of the episode. Enjoy!

Chapter 94 – “Strange Attractors”

November 2, 2009
This week’s episode “Strange Attractors” was easily one of Mine and Joe’s favorite so far this season, lots of great new story developments on the surface and underneath for lots of our characters. This week we break down everything we can and how we think the events of “Strange Attractors” will effect the rest of the season. Enjoy!

Chapter 93 – “Tabula Rasa”

October 25, 2009
This week we talk about “Tabula Rasa” an episode that created a bit of confusion, and brought up a lot of questions, but overall was an episode we enjoyed. Samuel’s trying to shape and mold his very own version of Sylar. Noah helped someone with abilities, and therefore experienced his first step towards redemption, and Hiro’s mission last week was to help Emma accept her power, before he randomly teleports to Midland Texas 3 years ago to “Save Charlie” Enjoy!

Chapter 92 – “Hysterical Blindness”

October 24, 2009
Thanks for the patience this week, Joe and I have been super busy! You’ve still got time to listen to the podcast before Heroes starts, fast forward to our topics and get ready for Monday’s episode! This week we talk about all of the twists, turns and reveals that were thrown at us during “Hysterical Blindness” and how it sets up some exciting things going forward. Enjoy!

Chapter 91 – “Acceptance”

October 8, 2009
We’re back this week to talk about the latest episode of Heroes “Acceptance,” while it didn’t have quite the momentum of the past few episodes, the episode still divulged a lot of insight into our characters. Also, included in this week’s podcast is an excerpt from our live show featuring a special interview with Greg Grunberg! Enjoy!

Chapter 90 – “Ink”

October 5, 2009
We’re back this week to chat about the 3rd episode this season: “Ink”. Joe and I felt that this was an excellent episode, and the best part about it was that it gave us so many more new things to talk about. Particularly the fantastic character development that went on in the episode regarding Samuel’s character, our new character Emma, and many more! Enjoy!

Chapter 89 – “Orientation” & “Jump, Push, Fall”

September 27, 2009
Heroes is back and so are we! We’ve got a packed podcast full of news and discussion that we hope you guys are going to enjoy. Lots and lots of questions and theories are flying around after last week’s premiere. And it’s such an awesome thing to have our favorite show back in full swing again! This week we broke our mold a bit and decided to bring you an extra long topics & discussion section instead of a super long recap of the two premiere episodes. If you guys like having the extra long discussion we might keep doing things this way, but we need your feedback, so let us know by leaving a comment, e-mailing us, or sending us a tweet!

Chapter 88 – Season 3 DVD

September 9, 2009
Just about two more weeks until Heroes returns! This week we have a roundup of great Heroes news, our review of the Season 3 DVD and lots more! Also, we’re back to our regularly scheduled programming…we’ll be recording new podcasts to cover the latest Heroes news and developments right up until the Season 4 premiere. It won’t be long now, Sept. 21st is almost here!

Chapter 87 – Comic Con 2009

August 6, 2009
It’s been just over a week since Comic Con, and we’ve finally put together a nice hour-long podcast with our reactions and photos from what is no-doubt the largest gathering of pop-culture, tv, comics, and movie geeks on the planet. The promotion machine for Heroes was out in force this year with a giant booth, a full-scale carnival, and one of the most fun panels of the convention. A little less than two months to go before Heroes is back on the air, and we couldn’t be more excited. Enjoy!