Episode 18: “Project Reborn” (Finale)

February 13, 2016

Your patience is rewarded! Our thoughts on the Finale episode of Heroes Reborn and the series as a whole are all contained in this week’s episode! This week, your intrepid hosts try to make sense of the events of the finale. As with much of this season, we each have something different to take away from the episode. We also chat about the official statements from NBC and Tim Kring regarding the possibility of there being “more to come” in the Heroes universe…To Be Continued?

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March 29, 2016 @ 7:17 am

I know this a little late , but I hate endings and goodbyes. So I held off listening to this until now expecting it would be the last. Hearing that there’s some hope of another limited event in the Heroes universe is good. I’d be happy even if they moved to USA or some online network like Hulu. Instead of goodbye I’ll just say, "See you in the funny pages."