Episode 13: “June 13th, Part 2”

November 9, 2015

We’re back to discuss the second installment of our two-part saga “June 13th, Part 2”, with only five episodes left of our Heroes Reborn “Event Miniseries” we’re now firmly in the home stretch, folks!┬áThis episode gave us a lot to work with. More than anything it showed us how things lined up in the past by connecting the dots and filling in the blanks, but it also hints that our future and present may have changed either slightly or not-so-slightly. We had a blast discussing this one. Enjoy!

Rob Alden
November 9, 2015 @ 3:12 am

I was refreshing for this earlier. Can’t wait to listen. I had thought the show had gotten so melodramatic at one point and I didn’t even fully embrace June 13th, Part 1 because of it, but Part 2 was so good, so much better imo, and tied so much smartly together. I’m intrigued to see where they go from here and what exactly they may have changed from all of this, if anything.

November 9, 2015 @ 7:35 pm

There are at least 2 loops left open that were sort of mentioned by you guys.

Since Quentin is reunited with his sister, why would he be with Noah. It then brings to question the
Haitian’s involvement. If Noah doesn’t kill the Haitian, why would Noah know his memories were erased and not just lost due to the bombing. If Casper replaced the Haitian, kind of explains the Haitian’s involvement away. These two characters played roles that hopefully get explained somehow.

Also, Quentin in the past seems to know too much when he confronts Erica.

November 10, 2015 @ 10:14 am

I have an explanation of the altered timeline they find themselves in. Hiro keeps talking about butterflies meaning how something insignificant can alter the timeline in ways unforeseen. I believe this is what happened with this trip back, but not as one of you stated in which you believe it was Erica being shot.
If that was the divergent point then it would mean Noah chose not to chase after Erica the first time and I don’t see that happening. I thing the butterfly is when Hiro holds Nathan. With two babies it’s a flip of the coin scenario as to which child he is handed. The previous version he had Melina, but now its Nathan. If Hiro had Melina instead he would have been right back as before and Erica would never have been shot.
So when Noah follows and shoots Erica this interrupts the confrontation she was to have with Quentin, both timelines have him working for Erica, the difference being that in the second outcome he gets to see his sister and be part of the plot, so is not killed because he is known to be on their side. I believe that Erica leveraged his sister to get him to find the child. I always found it suspicious that he tracked down Noah.
The second effect is all the rest of the events that occurred around Future Noah. Previously Future Noah was to leave and Past Noah reached out to the Haitian for a memory wipe. Because of the other events Past Noah uses Casper instead meaning, well I think the Haitian is still dead but did not wipe the memories, so died for nothing.
Now I will preempt a question. Nathan’s line of his Dad teaching him everything he knows (or something like that). If Hiro did not raise Nathan the who did? I say it could be anyone. We are never told his identity, but I would say it might have been peter. Another who would know about powers that has not shown up in this timeline. But it is a flaw if you whole-heartedly believe he is referencing Hiro.

Feel free to ignore I can’t solve all the problems that inevitably arise for this kind of story it is just a basic explanation for the change that I have come up with.


Steve Klemetti
November 11, 2015 @ 10:34 pm

How do we know that 2015Noah did not shoot Erica the first time around, other than that in 2015 she didn’t use a cane and have a limp. Since there is no changing the past, anything they did happened originally. What is strange is Quentin is working with Erica and not against her and is alive. If his timeline changed, then he would never have worked with Noah as he did and then met up with Phoebe after Hiro was released from the game and she would not have killed Quentin. Which would have explained why he is alive, but Quentin’s past exploits with Noah in 2015 had to have happened for the results of June 13 to have happened unless Noah did everything on his own.

Steve Klemetti
November 13, 2015 @ 11:58 am

Another thing. An earlier episode when Quentin was shot and Noah took him to the hospital in Odessa, the security guards tried to capture Noah because a year ago he attacked a security guard, but we didn’t see that happen in these flashbacks episodes. Which Noah did that? But now didn’t do that? Another change in the timeline. Also, Nathan Jr took Clare’s power from her until he took Hiro’s power. However Malina is a Petrelli too. She also took Claire’s power of healing and she gives life.

Jak3 Turn3r
November 16, 2015 @ 8:47 pm

Didn’t hear this mentioned but Nathan was bagged and tagged in the past because remember he transported everything to that level 5 prison because that was a scary place for him . Was Noah involved in his bagged and tag without knowing Nathan was his grandson…..hmmmmm