Episode 11: “Game Over”

October 24, 2015

This week’s episode sets us on the course for the rest of the season, we had some amazing reveals, solid confirmations, great character moments and even some darker developments. The bigger picture is starting to get much clearer now. This one was action-packed, drama-packed, and twist-packed. So naturally we couldn’t help but chat at length about it with another super-sized episode. Subscribe, share, and send in your theories! We hope you enjoy!

October 25, 2015 @ 9:22 pm

Sorry! I originally put this under lions den by mistake

My sad theory for Hiro Nakamura.

The reason why Hiro looks different when he takes Noah back in time is because he only transports both of their consciousness. What we will find out is that They are still at the Renautus building and Hiro is actually in some sort of permanent vegetative state on life support, possibly dying due to either the way he was caught or how he was kept by Erica all this time. (I’m thinking something similar to the Jake Gylenhall movie Source Code). We’ll find out that Hiro only took Naoh back so he learn what happened and so he could see his daughter again. Noah will say goodbye to his friend one last time and "pull the plug", letting Hiro die.

Tommy HAS to have some sort of connection to Nathan Petrelli. My justification is that there is NO way the writing team would use that particular name knowing we would all be thinking about Nathan and Peter. It may not be one of Nathan’s sons BUT whoever his father is has to have known and been close to Nathan. I think it’s definite that Tommy/Nathan is named after Nathan Petrelli

PS- Maybe Tommy/Nathan COULD be Nathan Petrellis son and he COULD actually save him because maybe Tommys power can progress to include time travel!!! Back to see Sylar kill Nathan??

Miko is an offshoot of her "father" like how Jet Li does in The Forbidden Kingdom. She’s just a part of her fathers consciousness.

-Rachel B- NY,NY

October 26, 2015 @ 3:27 pm

The suit HRG is wearing in this episode, is the same suit he’s wearing in the video footage from the hopsital, making the theory that that footage is actually from him going back in time seem correct.

Also, do you guys not remember the things their putting in the caught EVO’s noses are the same things they used when Denko was rounding up evo’s? It neutralizes their powers.